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Hand Painted Naturally Dyed Polwarth Roving

May 16, 2010

I’m trying to come up with a way to make that title shorter but still accurate, and it’s not working.  Oh, well.  Coming soon!  As soon as it cools down after steaming and I can wash/dry/take pictures of it.

It’s somewhat experimental – I’ve dyed fabric with this technique before, but not roving.  I spent most of the day yesterday boiling up the concentrated dye solutions, but they should last me through a  few batches.

As you can see, it was a nice sunny day so I was able to work outside.  Unfortunately, an important part of my brain forgot to think properly about that “sunny” part . . . and I wound up with a nice burn on my arm between the t-shirt and glove line.  Sexy.

New in the shop today is a pair of skeins of merino worsted weight 2-ply, dyed to match in cochineal and cochineal/iron.



May 13, 2010

To avoid spamming my current blog of fibre-y exploits with shop updates, I’ve begun this new one just for the etsy shop.  However, there’s not much that’s more boring than constant “hey, I updated my shop!” posts, so this blog will be a bit more than that.  I plan to include profiles of the breeds of sheep whose wool I use, dye plants and their qualities, and with any luck pictures of things that other people (you!) have made with my yarns and fibre.

Oh, by the way, there’s new stuff in the shop  🙂